To be considered a professional – act like one

To be treated like a pro act like one. It’s tempting to play it casual but play it straight if you want to be taken seriously.

Have you ever been referred to someone that does a great job but when you first contact them you’re left feeling that they’ve been oversold? It’s happened to me. First impressions do matter and the team at Freelance Folder have come up with a great list of 15 things you can do to be taken seriously.

You can read the full list here. My favourite item in the list is

Detail # 6. Have a Promotional Kit Prepared
When potential clients contact you requesting information about what you do, do you have anything professional you can send them? Or do you just type up a short, plain text e-mail with a couple links?

How do you stack upĀ againstĀ the list? What about me? My business site is at Gestalt Communications. Am I walking the talk?

Let me know in the comments.

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