Don’t get complacent when times are good

It’s been a while since I spent some time posting here. The main thing reason is that Totally Freelance has always been a passion project for me, never a money maker. Truth told, as I don’t run any ads here at the moment, it costs me time and money to write here. The main reason I’ve not been writing here often is that my freelancing life been really busy. And while that’s good, I had a reminder why it’s important to always be hustling for more work. Continue reading “Don’t get complacent when times are good”

Five things to do when the work dries up

The last month has brought me a challenge that, until now, I’d not had to deal with in my freelance business. Several jobs that were booked with regular, reliable clients were cancelled meaning that my work and financial planning were¬†laid to waste.

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Building a home office

This is one from my personal archives. It’s a project I did about nine years ago but it’s still relevant although the costs might be a little different today.

There comes a time for most folks when they out-grow the sapce that’s available to us. For my family and me, the time came when the kids needed some more personal space and the only way that could happen was for me to move out of the spare bedroom. However, the need for a home-office meant that I needed to come up with a Plan B. Continue reading “Building a home office”

Three steps to becoming a great writer

Being a good writer isn’t about innate ability. Everyone can be a good writer with practice. Here are my three essential steps to becoming a great writer.

writerEvery self-employed person needs to be an effective communicator. Being a good writer isn’t a matter of innate ability. I maintain that every single person can become a good writer. But it takes practice. It also requires a commitment to ongoing learning.

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