Link Post: Mac office apps, rates, passion, growth

This week, I’ve been reading and writing about Mac office apps, rates, passion and growth.

This week, I’ve been reading and writing about Mac office apps, rates, passion, growth and a whole bunch more. Here are a few of my favourite stored from the week.

6 alternatives to Microsoft Office for the Mac. If you’re thinking of switching from Windows to a Mac, this quick look at word processing software might be useful (penned by me for Business IT) []

Got a Consulting Gig from Your Blog? Don’t Make this Big Mistake. Do you charge by the hour? I use my hourly rate to produce quotes for my clients but once the quote is in I don’t vary the price even if it takes a little longer. [Pro Blogger]

Want to Find Your Life Passion? Start by Simplifying Your Life: When you have a passion in life — especially a passion fueled by vision and purpose — you can wake up with that same joy and enthusiasm. When you’re engaged in something that is fulfilling, fun, and meaningful, you are truly in the flow of “peak experience” living. [Becoming Minimalist]

Is good writing worth more than $15 per hour? In a mushrooming digitalised international free market, anyone can claim to be a writer. In this climate, clients will grab the cheapest option, not necessarily the best. And many clients are clearly indifferent to the quality of the copy. [Walkely Foundation]

The Law of Sustainable Growth: “Sustainable growth is characterized by one simple rule: New customers come from the actions of past customers.” [Excerpt from The Lean Startup via LinkedIn]

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