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How to start freelancing, targeting a niche and marketing your business are key skills for freelancers of all persuasions.

Each week, I share some of the stories that I’ve read that I think are f the most value and interest for freelancers.

Thinking of going solo? Play the freelance board game first! [My Business]:  Check out ‘Go Freelance’, a fun, satirical, board game about just how much fun you can have going freelance. The game concentrates on the comic book industry, but the lessons are universal.

Ten Common Marketing Mistakes [Business WeekI can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this refrain, or a variation of it: “We tried _____ marketing tactic. It doesn’t work.” While it may be true that a given approach is ill-suited for a particular industry, audience, or situation, in my experience the tactic is less often to blame than the implementation of it. In fact, many companies make mistake after mistake based on gaps in their understanding of how marketing really works. Here’s a quick review of 10 of the most common errors to help you avoid the worst of them.

How to Break Into a New Freelancing Niche [The Savvy Freelancer]: I’ve been feeling like a rookie freelancer all over again. It’s because I decided to get into a different freelancing niche. Let me tell you, it’s been difficult, slow going, exciting, unnerving, energizing and mind boggling all at the same time.

Have a great week.

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