Journo Advice is now Totally Freelance

When I started Journo Advice I was very much of the mind that I was a freelance journalist and that most of what I’d write about would be about the business if being a freelance journalist. Since then, things have changed for me and i see myself as less of a freelance journalist and more of a freelance communicator.


I spend much of time facilitating workshops and roundtables, acting as the MC at events, working on radio and television as well as writing. The activities I undertake in my day to day work have changed significantly. However, the task of running my business hasn’t actually changed all that much.

I still have to look after my accounts, engage in marketing and sales, look after my payroll, ensure takes are paid and make sure I continue to improve my skills.

In other words, I’m still totally freelance – I’m just doing different things.

A couple of weeks ago I rebranded this blog. The old name, Journo Advice will still work, as will the URL. But the new name and URL Totally Freelance will take over.

So, while the place has had a dash of paint and some new trimmings, it will still deliver the same focussed content about running the best possible freelance business.

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