Is the iPad 2 made for freelancers?

The iPad 2 might be a perfect fit for the busy freelancer.

Perhaps Apple has created a perfect tool for freelance writers and content creators in a hurry.

As a technology writer, I love to get my hands on the latest gadgets. I had an iPad 1 almost as soon as it was released and decided to join a long queue to get my hands on an iPad 2 when it was released in my home town.

On paper, the differences between the iPad 2 and its predecessor look modest. Front and rear facing cameras are the big ticket items and the Smart Cover, which looks great, is really just eye-candy – designed I suspect to extract a few extra dollars from shoppers as they hand over their hard earned as they pay for the latest Cupertino slate.

But is this a tool for freelancers? Is it just for writers or is there something for photographers and video producers?

Firstly, the iPad 2 is a lot thinner and lighter than the original version. 6mm and 60g mightn’t sound like much but it’s very noticeable – particularly as the iPad 2 has tapered edges making the edges seem razor thin. For the traveling professional, those small differences are of great value.

I’ve already discussed the value of Evernote as a note-taking system. It works the same on iPad 2 although the ability to take video notes is a handy supplement to the audio recording facility.

On video, the ability to do video conferencing using Skype, FaceTime or other conferencing facilities is a great advantage while traveling. While email and VoIP calling is great, seeing a face on the line is a great advantage.

There are times when editing and image or video on the road is important. The iPad 2, like the original iPad, supports capturing and editing images using the Camera Accessory Kit and myriad third party applications.

Video editing is new with Apple creating a version of iMovie for the iPad 2. There are some great videos that have been produced using iMovie already, showing that it’s a capable tool. Videos can be shared by email, MobileMe, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other services.

In other words – the ipad 2 can be used for capturing and maipulating lots of differnt content, communication, research and filling in spare time while traveling.

In short, the ipad 2 could be a great accessory for the traveling freelancer.

2 thoughts on “Is the iPad 2 made for freelancers?”

  1. Actually I like the Smart Cover – it works well in propping up the device simply and quickly for reading or typing. Also keeps the device unencumbered by a case for use about the home. For taking it outdoors, I’ve bought a basic zip-up padded sleeve.

    Re freelance use, I took it along on my first bout of reviewing Comedy Festival shows for The Age last night. Had time between shows to write up one review at a pub; typing onto the screen worked fine for that purpose (each review is only 150 words long).

    I was typing into a Word doc in Docs to Go, but next time I think I’ll use Evernote. My iPad is the non-3G version and it’d be easier to sync to the cloud via wifi upon returning home, than to boot up the laptop and sync Docs to Go between the two devicces.

    1. Evernote is a killer application. It’s easily my most used productivity application. I rarely type or take notes with anything else. i use it for recording audio as well. All I then do it type prompts in my notes during interviews (eg 3:35 – quote about blah… that sort of thing) and the occasional line I think i might use.

      The Smart Cover – maybe it’ll grow on me.

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