Customer service is the key to repeat business

Customer service is the key to building your business without constantly chasing new clients.

There’s plenty of evidence that proves keeping customers is far cheaper than getting new ones. It makes sense and I’ve found that delivering what my clients want has lead me to being able build my freelance practice without constantly hustling for work.

So, what is good customer service?

20110701-220709.jpgA little while ago, guest contributor David Hague recounted a story of great service he received. Great service was what brought him back to a specific motel and it’s what can bring your clients back to you.

Today, I experienced perhaps the best customer service I’ve ever received.

A couple of weeks ago my new iPad 2 met with an unfortunate combination of concrete and gravity. The screen was shattered and one side had a couple of small indentations. This morning I made an appointment at the local Apple store to see what I could do.

The appointment was fulfilled on time and I was attended to by a guy called Alex. I explained what had happened. He informed me that as the iPad is a sealed unit a repair wouldn’t be possible. However, Apple allow the purchase of a replacement at a reduced price – about half the full retail price. I decided to pay the replacement cost as Alex had a unit in stock and the transaction could be completed straight away.

Alex returned with the replacement iPad and told me that he had decided to waive the replacement cost. My smashed iPad – damaged by carelessness and not any defect that could be attributed to Apple – would be replaced at NO COST.

This has me thinking what I’d be prepared to do for my clients to keep them coming back. Aside from the delivering on time, on spec services what would you do?

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